About Us

TCH is a global distributor of ATA case hardware, industrial & rack hardware, electronic components, laminates, and packaging solutions. Over the last 40 years we have built a reputation for fast order fulfillment, competitive pricing, excellent customer service and custom solutions. We are more than a distributor; we are a solution center.

Our foam and cutting division takes pride in its dedication to providing the best solutions available. We are committed to adding value and guarantee customer satisfaction during every step of the process. Our designers have backgrounds in packaging, mechanical engineering, and industrial design. They can quickly prototype and test out solutions through Rapid Prototyping, CAD designs, and highly accurate CNC cutting and fabrication.

We specialize in packaging solutions and foam inserts that will keep delicate products safe throughout transit. We employ high tech equipment to successfully cut virtually any material and get the job done.

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Our Values


Quality is embedded in our company culture. We take pride in a job well done and are dedicated to producing top tier work. Our team checks over every piece before we ship.


We understand the importance of short lead times. We work hard to optimize our procedures to be as efficient as possible.


We’re here for you. We hope you’ll trust us to get the job done. Our relationship with our customers is our top priority.


The magic happens when people come together. Whether its our employees working together or joining your team to help with a project, we believe that teamwork creates opportunities for innovation.